The Diary of a Very Different Pastoral Placement

Written by Deacon Damien Locke

Instalment #1

“Despite the additional customs, health and immigration formalities I was out and on my way to St Francis of Assisi parish in no time at all.”

Instalment #2

“Yesterday the blessing at the car workshop went ahead as expected. It was an extremely hot day (54 Degrees), but the owner and staff of the garage were very engaging and so grateful – so much so that we celebrated after the blessing with Krispy Kreme donuts!”

Instalment #3

“10 days into my pastoral placement and there is a very steady flow of ‘customers’. I have at least baptism scheduled every day this week. It is really wonderful to see the joy expressed by those bringing their children forward to be baptised, despite the fact that the celebration is limited to only 4 people – the parents, godparents and of course the child!”

Instalment #4

“Yesterday I experienced one of the most challenging pastoral experiences of my stay here so far. The funeral of a young lady who was tragically killed in a very bad traffic accident. The identification and release of her body took many days and she was supposed to be married to her fiancé back in May but of course that had to be postponed due to Covid.”