There are vocations which manifest themselves
They must be fostered
There are vocations which are not conscious of themselves
They must be awakened
There are vocations which do not dare manifest themselves
They must be found and encouraged
There are vocations which are in fear of being lost
They must be reassured
There are vocations which meet with opposition
They must be strengthened
There are vocations which are paralysed by poverty
They must be helped financially

We Pray together

God, Our Father, In the beginning of time, you created the world… Man, and woman you created in your image and likeness. And you willed that we should live in union with you. When we betrayed that union, and disobeyed you, you sent us your Son, Born of the woman, one like us in all things, except sin. His birth, life, death and resurrection reconcile us with you. When He ascended into heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to lead us to the truth. By the gift of the Spirit, He empowered His apostles to go forth… Make disciples of all nations, and baptise them… and teach them… Through the same Spirit, you have called men to continue your work on earth. Grant, we pray, almighty Father, that your Church in the Diocese of Armidale, May respond to the work of your Spirit. Touch the hearts and minds of our young men to open up to the Word. May they find in your Son Jesus the Christ the meaning of life and the purpose to live. Grant that from among our families, young men will hear the call to your priesthood. And empower them with your Holy Spirit to respond with generosity and love.  May they be good men, and holy priests. Fill them with love for you, for your Church and for your children.

May their ministry bear the fruit of the kingdom. And may they find peace with you at the end of their lives here on earth. We make this prayer in the Name of Christ Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Amen. Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Pray for us St. Joseph, Pray for us St. John Vianney, Pray for us St. Mary of the Cross, Pray for us St. John Paul 11, Pray for us.

Diocesan Director of Vocations

Father Francis Afu

Cathedral Parish

PO Box 2025

Armidale NSW 2350