Catholic Women League

Members are active in social justice matters both locally and nationally. We support our Bioethics and Social Responsibility Convenors and are involved in inter-church activities. We foster a strong commitment to our Catholic Faith and although we are not a fundraising organisation, we financially support worthy charities in times of need.

CWLA is dedicated to building a culture of life; advocating for the respect of human rights with a particular focus on women and children; promoting the teaching of Christ and his Church concerning the dignity, integrity and freedom of the human person; promoting and supporting the formation of women to meet contemporary challenges; upholding the dignity of women through education and encouraging their participation in social and public life; promoting and supporting the duty of Catholic women to be educated in the teachings and traditions of the Church; promoting the role of lay women in the mission of the Church; and enabling women to participate more effectively in working for and building the Kingdom of God on earth.

CWLA also liaises with other organisations and faith communities in a creating awareness about social justice and ethical issues. We foster ecumenism and inter-faith dialogue.

We promote and support vocations to the priesthood, religious life and single life as well as to Christian marriage and family.

Ask at your local parish office for the details of the nearest CWLA branch.


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