A valid Working with Children Check is required by anyone in child–related work. The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian introduced a new Working With Children Check (WWCC) on 15th of June, 2013. The check is a prerequisite for anyone in child related work. The new process includes national Police Check and review of findings of Misconduct involving Children. If the check is cleared it remains valid for five years. The new check is for all Catechist volunteers/religious services aged 18 years and over. Applying for the new Working with Children Check is a simple three step process:

STEP 1: Complete application for WWCC online: https://ocg.nsw.gov.au/

STEP 2: Take your application number from the online process along with identification to be verified at your local Service NSW Centre or Motor Registry. Identification required the same proof of identity as required if you were applying for a NSW drivers licence or proof of age card.

STEP 3: When you receive your clearance number, pass these details onto your local parish Secretary or Priest who will then verify your details. For SRE teachers/Catechists, the Parish MUST VERIFY each Catechist/SRE teacher and any helper’s WWCC clearance number before they are allowed to enter a classroom.

This process (securing a WWCC clearance) for volunteers is free.